Monday, May 28

9:10-10:30 Keynote:How Clean is your Sandbox? Towards a Unifying Theory for Incremental Bidirectional Transformations (Terwilliger)
11:00-13:00 Testing, Typing and Verification
Using Models of Partial Knowledge to Test Model Transformations (Sen, Mottu, Tisi, Cabot)
Specification-driven test generation for model transformations (Guerra)
Typing Model Transformations using Tracts (Vallecillo, Gogolla)
Reusable and Correct Model Transformations (Andova, van der Brand, Engelen)
14:30-15:30 Bidirectionality
Multifocal: A Strategic Bidirectional Transformation Language for XML Schemas (Pacheco and A. Cunha )
Bidirectional Transformation of Model-Driven Spreadsheets (J. Cunha, Fernandes, Mendes, Saraiva and Pacheco )
16:00-17:30 Applications and Visualization
Domain-Specific Optimization in Digital Forensics (van Den Bos and van der Storm )
Empirical Assessment of Business Model Transformations based on Model Simulation (Fernández-Ropero, Pérez-Castillo, Weber and Piattini)
Traceability Visualization in Chains of Model Transformations [Tool Demo] (Van Amstel, Van Den Brand and Serebrenik)

Tuesday, May 29

9:10-10:30 Keynote: Bertrand Meyer (TOOLS)
11:00-13:00 Transformation Languages, Virtual Machines
Type-Safe Model Transformation Languages as Internal DSLs in Scala (George, Wider and Scheidgen )
Towards a Family of Model Transformation Languages (Sánchez-Cuadrado)
Translational semantics of a co-evolution specific language with the EMF transformation virtual machine (Wagelaar, Iovino, Di Ruscio and Pierantonio )
Towards Multi-Level Aware Model Transformations (Atkinson, Gerbig and Tunjic)
14:30-15:30 Pattern Matching
An Algorithm for Generating Model-Sensitive Search Plans for EMF Models (Varró, Deckwerth, Wieber and Schürr)
Paisley: Pattern matching à la carte [Tool Demo] (Trancón Y Widemann and Lepper)
16:00-17:30 Transformations in Modelling and Reutilization
Constraint-driven Modeling through Transformation (Demuth, Lopez-Herrejon and Egyed)
The Impact of Class Model Transformations on State Machines (Kosiuczenko)
Fact or Fiction - Reuse in Model-to-Model Transformations (Wimmer, Kappel, Kusel, Retschitzegger, Schoenboeck and Schwinger)