End-User Software Development through Demonstration-Based Modeling


Domain-Specific Modeling (DSM) has promoted the importance of using higher abstractions to promote the needs of end-users who are domain experts. Yet, much of the research in the area requires end-users to know details about metamodels, model transformation languages, and other peculiarities that are sometimes incongruent with the goals of DSM as they relate to removing accidental complexities from the end-user. This talk will highlight some of the discrepancies in the goals of supporting domain experts compared to the current tooling and state-of-the-art in DSM practice. The talk will survey some of the presenter’s recent work in using demonstration-based approaches to address some of the needs for improving support of end-user development. A goal of this talk is to raise awareness and highlight the need to involve end-users in the modeling process through various “By Demonstration” approaches (some of which are discussed in other papers throughout the XM workshop).



Jeff Gray, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Alabama