There is an increasing need for more disciplined techniques and engineering tools to support flexibility in several forms in a wide range of modeling activities, in- cluding metamodel, model, and model transformation definition processes. The workshop would aim at a) better identifying the difficulties in the current prac- tice of MDE related to the lack of flexibility and b) soliciting contributions of ideas, concepts, and techniques also from other areas of software, such as that of specific language communities (e.g., the Smalltalk and Haskell communities, and dynamic languages community) which could be useful to revise certain MDE fundamental concepts, such as the conformance. The topics solicited include but are not limited to:

  • Support for functional and constraint programming concepts in MDE
  • Support for generic programming techniques in MDE
  • Support for dynamic programming techniques in MDE
  • Agility and MDE, agile modelling
  • Techniques for embedding domain specific languages in a combined language
  • Means for defining different conformance/typing concepts in MDE
  • Relating conformance and level of abstraction
  • Model typing
  • Methods for Flexible typing in MDE
  • Meta-modeling by example
  • Model sketching
  • Differences and similarities between modeling and programming
  • Experience reports regarding lack of flexibility in using modeling and MDE