Jon Whittle
Agile versus MDE - Friend or Foe?


Abstract: Agile methods and MDE are often considered to be polar opposites of each other. Agile methods are fast, adaptive, responsive; MDE is heavyweight, plan-first, and requires high up-front investment. But are agile methods and MDE really so contradictory? Or could they co-exist and even work together to maximize each other's benefits? In this talk, I will reflect upon our recent study with two large companies that have both recently introduced agile methods into a model-driven environment. I will describe where they succeeded, and failed. And discuss how MDE tools do or do not support working in an agile manner. This is joint work with Hakan Burden and Rogardt Heldal.

Bio: Jon Whittle is Full Professor and Chair of Software Engineering at Lancaster University's School of Computing and Communications. He is well known for his work in software modeling, scenario-based requirements engineering, aspect-oriented software development, and, more recently, empirical studies of model-driven development in practice. He leads two research groups at Lancaster - one on software engineering and one on social computing. He has been on the PC of most major software engineering conferences, including ICSE, ASE, MODELS, AOSD, RE, SPLC. He chaired the MODELS Steering committee from 2006-2008, was PC Chair for MODELS 2011, and Experience Track Chair for MODELS 2006.