Putting Engineering into MDE: Components and contracts for models and transformations


Steffen Zschaler

AbstractModels and model transformations are at the heart of MDE. To truly enable model-driven engineering at scale, we need to ensure that we have the right technology in place for creating, reasoning about, and maintaining models and model transformations. From other areas of software engineering---such as Component-Based Software Engineering---we can learn that two principles are key for scalable engineering: modularity for dividing big problems into smaller ones and a strong notion of contracts to enable independent development and modular reasoning.

In this talk, I will explore some of the work done over the past years in developing notions of modularity and contracts for models and model transformations. I will argue that the overall research agenda needs to aim towards a theory of MDE, including a calculus of model management and sound but flexible notions of typing for models and transformations.

BioSteffen Zschaler is a lecturer in software engineering at King's College London, UK. His research interests are in MDE, with a particular focus on modularity and reuse as well as the modelling and analysis of non-functional properties.  Most recently, he has worked on composition of transformation-based DSL semantics and flexible notions of typing for model-management operations. He has published around 90 scientific publications and has co-founded two series of workshops: MiSE at ICSE and NfC at MODELS. He received his Dr. rer. nat. from Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, in 2007.