Xi’an area was inhabited by the Lantian Man at least 500,000 years before, and a Banpo Neolithic village was established here 6500 years ago. The city of Xi’an is one of the four great ancient capitals of China with more than 3100 years of history. Some of the most important dynasties in China set up their capitals here. The first emperor of the Qin dynasty unified China in 221 BC and he built the Terracotta Army and his mausoleum in Xi’an. Many of the original walls, towers, palaces and artifacts remain here. The conference will be located conveniently within Xi’an. After the conference, we intend to organize extra-conference activities for those who are interested in visiting some of the historical and interesting sites here.

Conference Venue
Our conference will be held in the four-star Xi’an Tangcheng Hotel. Please refer to the website at for details of the hotel.

We are pleased to have booked the Xi’an Tangcheng Hotel at a discounted rate.

Note that the hotel will NOT provide the discounted rate through individual bookings. Therefore, please fill the hotel reservation form and send it to Prof. Yunwei Dong by email or fax +86-29-88431531, with “Subject: QSIC 2012 Hotel Reservation”. Participants will enjoy this special rate if the reservation is sent by the 13th July 2012, or this special rate may not apply. We will make the room reservation for you once we have received this form. Payment will be made directly to the hotel by yourself when you check in.

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