ITI Techmedia Research Tools Demonstration Prize

ITI Techmedia is proud to be a sponsor of the 23rd ASE Conference, taking place in L’Aquila from 15-19 September 2008.  ITI Techmedia is delighted to offer a special award in the Research Tools Demonstration track. A prize of 1250 eu ($1950) will be awarded to the research tool which demonstrates capabilities which are of most relevance to application in the mainstream software industry.   

ITI Techmedia’s research indicates that there is a clear market need for better solutions to help reduce the number of critical errors in software design. Software development is undoubtedly getting more complex and sophisticated with increasing pressure to get to market quickly. These pressures can limit the extent of software testing that takes place, therefore eliminating errors early in the process is becoming ever more critical.  ITI Techmedia is funding a 5.4m eu ($8.4m) R&D programme creating software design and development technologies which will play a role in reducing the incidence of critical errors in mainstream software.   

The research tools demonstration at the Conference which shows the best mix of innovation and relevance to real life software development challenges will be awarded the prize on Friday 19 September, the final day of the Conference. 

About ITI Techmedia 

ITI Techmedia is a commercial organisation focused on driving sustainable economic growth in Scotland, through the ownership of commercially targeted R&D programmes that deliver world-class intellectual assets. It identifies technologies required to address future global market opportunities, then funds and manages R&D Programmes and the subsequent commercial exploitation of new intellectual property (IP).  ITI Techmedia is part of ITI Scotland, established by the Scottish Government in September 2003 with a budget of approximately 560m eu ($880m) over 10 years.     

ITI Techmedia has initiated 8 R&D programmes to date, with a total investment of 54m eu ($84m), in areas ranging from ultra-wideband wireless technology, online games middleware development, brand protection systems and novel backlighting technology.