CSXW 2011

Coupled Software Transformations Workshop

The CSXW 2011 workshop is a satellite event at GTTSE / SLE 2011.

CSXW 2011 is concerned with coupled software transformations, i.e., transformations that involve multiple software artifacts such that changes of one artifact imply co-changes of other artifacts. The class of coupled software transformations is defined very broadly in that it covers scenarios of bidirectional transformations, additional scenarios of co-evolution in software engineering, and yet more scenarios. The main goal of the workshop is to bring together experts from various computer science disciplines with interest or history in coupled software transformations.

Some major transformation scenarios of interest at CSXW 2011:

  • XML data binding
  • Object-relational mapping
  • Updateable views in databases
  • Data integration and data exchange
  • Multi-view specification and consistency
  • Instance mapping in reply to schema evolution
  • Program transformation in reply to schema evolution
  • Model transformation in reply to metamodel evolution

Please read on; see the detailed concept of the workshop.

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