CSXW 2011: Submission

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This page explains the technicalities of submission including format issues.

See the workshop's concept for details regarding scope and others.

Position papers are submitted via EasyChair:


Submissions are supposed to adhere to Springer LNCS style for sake of uniformity. (The position papers will be published on the workshop's website only.) Submissions with 1-5 pages are welcome. Here is proposal for a possible format in the sense of a sectioning structure which may be well suited for describing concrete transformation scenarios and approaches in a way that is amenable to comparison:

1. Introduction
2. 1+ scenario(s) of coupled software transformations chosen by the authors at hand 
3. Sketch of description of the implementation/specification of the transformation 
4. Summary of the technologies (tools, languages, etc.) that are involved in the effort at hand 
5. Reflections on candidate concepts that are useful for characterizing the effort at hand 
6. Pointers to related work and on-line availability of the implementation or some version thereof
7. Conclusion

A corresponding template is provided as an illustration for download.

It is generally advisable that position papers are understandable broadly.

See the important dates.