CSXW 2011: Concept

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Important background


Objective of the workshop

The CSXW 2011 workshop brings together researchers who are concerned with different scenarios of coupled software transformations. The idea is to deeply compare these scenarios, concrete examples, and concrete technologies used in this context. The expected results of the workshop are i) a glossary of the different kinds of transformations that exist today; ii) in fact, a matured terminology (an ontology) for coupled software transformations, and iii) a small set of well-developed examples that demonstrate the identified concepts and representative technologies. These results will be collected and shared through an open-source repository. In this manner, the workshop may also help to develop a benchmark (in the broadest sense) for testing and evaluating and comparing transformation scenarios and technologies; such benchmarking is also established in other areas of software transformation; see, e.g., [3,4].


Workshop format

CSXW 2011 is a true workshop.

  • There is not going to be any proceedings.
  • There is not going to be any peer-review.
  • There is not going to be any invited talk, to save time for "work".

5-8 presentations are selected by the organizers on the grounds of submitted position statements (1-5 pages); see elsewhere for the submission format. All submitted position statements will be published on the workshop's website (subject to some obvious, basic quality control by the organizers). The number of workshop participants will be limited to 20 participants to facilitate effective discussion.

The workshop will consist of up to 4 sessions 90 mins each. Each session would host two related or contrasting or otherwise usefully bundled presentations followed by a glossary/ontology discussion that brings forward the entire workshop. To this end, a certain submission format is stipulated in the hope of making the presentations and discussions more effective with regard to the objective of the workshop.

The workshop will be closed by a discussion session (possibly continued at GTTSE/SLE for the rest of the week) where the possible compilation of a survey-like paper is discussed such that all presenters and organizers work jointly on an integrated discussion of coupled software transformations. The idea is to gather and organize content past the workshop within a repository, to utilize all forms of communication and collaboration, and to submit the ultimate paper a few months after the workshop.