CSXW 2011: Dates

Pre-workshop dates

  • Submission of position paper: 23 May 2011
  • Publication of workshop programme: 07 June 2011 
  • Submission of revised position paper: 21 June 2011 

The idea is that authors of position papers will join a mailing list so that they can communicate during the revision phase for the benefit of a beginning glossary/ontology. The workshop organizers will take a lead in keeping that discussion active. The goal is not to get a perfect glossary/ontology before the workshop. The goal is only to start the discussion.


Workshop dates

  • Warm-up session: 6 July 2011 (evening) 
  • Actual workshop: 7 July 2011 (full day) 


Post-workshop dates

  • Sample submission for group review 1st gen: 1 Sep 2011 
  • Sample submission for group review 2nd gen: 1 Oct 2011 
  • Joint submission of a survey paper: approx. 1 Dec 2011 

Whether or not we will go through the indicated post-workshop milestones and at what pace and with what (potentially considerable) set of authors depends of course on the discussion before, during and after the actual workshop. The organizers of the workshop are highly motivated to achieve the objective of the workshop including the accumulation of a shared terminology (say, an ontology for coupled software transformations) and appropriate transformation examples (say, a benchmark). If this objective is achieved, it will be natural indeed to publish all results.